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Providing you with a wide range of integrated ceramics solutions, allowing you freedom to be creative and plenty of room for imagination.


Gloss tiles have a reflective and smooth surface that bounces off light, making a room seem brighter and often bigger. This lighting trick makes them perfect for wall tiles in small bathrooms. These tiles do need to be cleaned regularly as wet spots and soap smears are clearly visible. Thankfully, cleaning is as simple as a quick wipe down.

The smooth finish of the tiles makes them perfect for bathroom walls & kitchen splashbacks. Gloss tiles also look fabulous in living areas when used on floors in their large format versions. This creates a cool modern look and makes your living areas seem larger.

Please Note: Many large format gloss tiles also come in outdoor tile versions with rough surfaces for extra grip.


Nothing brings more light and space into an interior better than high-gloss tiles. Knowing the importance of polished porcelain tiles in modern design, imported from the top manufacturers, these products are both sturdy and gorgeous.

They offer a high moisture resistance and can be used outside. We provide our clients with a broad choice of wall and floor porcelain tiles, assuring their delight and pride in using the materials we supply.

If you enjoy spacious and radiant spaces, our tiles should satisfy you.


As the name suggests, these tiles are used to add a rustic touch to any decor. It has a finish that can be placed in between the glossy finish and matt finish. Hence, Rustic finish tiles can impart a traditional look without comprising on the shining feature, generally available with only glossy finish tiles.

This finish is suitable for bathrooms, living rooms as well as outdoor spaces; depending on what you actually want to achieve in terms of decor and the level of sophistication. 

With its unique finish, these tiles create a long-lasting impression on beholders.


Matt tiles are ideal for larger bathrooms and are used to create a more traditional or rustic look. They are also very popular as bathroom floor tiles, and they can be easily combined with gloss wall tiles. Matt tiles are also the ideal choice for living area flooring.

Outdoor areas are preferably tiled with matt tiles due to their slip resistance and durability; they can stand up to weathering. For uncovered areas like swimming pool surrounds, and for covered areas where slip resistance is necessary, matt tiles will be suitable.

At the moment, glazed porcelain tiles and natural stone are the popular choices. 


The M•Trim range of trims used for tile, carpet, vinyl, wood/laminate flooring and walls has been particularly developed for South African requirements. Every M•Trim product has been carefully and professionally designed and manufactured to international standards.

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