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Cement Board

Galvanized Range

Pine Timber 


Rebars & Weldmesh

Building Material: Welcome


Cement board is an inexpensive, convenient building material that makes tiling, flooring, and countertop projects go faster and look better in the end. Most importantly, cement board contributes to a longer-lasting, more durable tile installation, with no chance of backing board rot and a reduced chance of rot with the underlying wall studs or floor joists.


Galvanizing is the process of coating steel material with zinc or alloys of zinc and aluminum to protect it from corrosion.

The coating then becomes the “sacrificial layer” or the part that gets firsthand exposure to external elements; thus, preventing premature rust and corrosion.

We have a handful of stock at Laxmi Trading. 

Building Material: Cement Board / Galvanized Range


Pine timber is dried and graded using a combination of state-of-the-art technology. Pine is a straight-trunked coniferous tree with no branches on the lower third of the trunk. 

Usages; chairs, glue-laminated boards / beams, furniture components, interior claddings, flooring boards, mouldings, construction structures, exterior claddings, packing and pallets.

Building Material: Pine Timber


Plywood is a popular choice for residential and light-duty construction and is made from thin sheets of veneer that have been peeled from debarked wood. These thin layers, also called plies, are glued together in alternating, perpendicular directions to create a cross-graining pattern.

Building Material: Plywood


At Laxmi Trading, we provide the key elements with which to reinforce structure. 

Rebars, ribbed bars or concrete reinforcing bars, are a type of rolled steel that is specifically designed to be used in the construction of structural elements that are made from reinforced concrete. 

Weld mesh panels are hot-dip galvanized and supplied in flat mesh sheet sizes. Usage; Security fences, cages, aviaries, gardens and fencing.

Building Material: Rebards and Weldmesh
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