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The M•Trim Concave Edge Trim can be used to cover uneven edges between tiled wall and floor corners or between wall and wall internal corners or between tiled wall and kitchen/ bathroom surfaces (horizontal surfaces). When used in conjunction with silicone the concave edge trim seals the surface, provided there is no movement experienced. The silicone is placed on the inside of the trim between the tile and trim and between the underside of the concave trim and the surface that it rests on. The concave M•Trim is available in all PVC colours as indicated on the colour chart.


All Pvc Concave Edge Trim Available in 2.5m Length.



  • 9mm - PVC Round Edge Trim (7-8mm thick tile)



  • We believe in Clients being Comfortable & Confident with their Purchase:

    • Through Laxmi Trading's online shopping method, we enable you to reserve products for 3-Working-Days (T&C: Items Subject to Availability)
    • Once you are satisfied with your purchase by visiting the Showroom in Mont Fleuri or Providence within 3-days of Order Confirmation, you can proceed to the Payment Counter 
    • Present your NIN Card and Order Confirmation
    • Once Invoice confirmed you may proceed ahead with your Payment
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