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For exterior use where a clear, matt sealer providing a high build-up of product is required. Provides UV-protection and is water repellent.   


Typical Application of MATT CLEAR:

Woodoc 50 Matt is a clear exterior matt sealer that enhances the natural appearance and colour of wood. The product provides excellent protection against ultra-violet radiation, wind, water, pollution and salt spray damage



  • Contains a special alkyd base that remains flexible preventing surface cracking associated with temperature variation
  • Ultra-violet radiation protection in extreme conditions
  • Suitable for all wood types
  • Deep penetrates to nourish wood
  • Non-toxic when dry
  • Does not affect glue
  • Biodegrades at the end of its life cycle



A clear finish with a high build-up of sealer. Ideal for boats, marine applications and also general outdoor wood where a finish with excellent UV-protection and water resistance is required.


Typical Application of GLOSS CLEAR:

All exterior woodwork especially where exposed to moisture and salty conditions:

  • Boats, yachts - especially coachwork
  • Garage doors
  • Exterior doors, door frames
  • Window frames
  • Exterior wood panelling, walls
  • Gates, fences
  • Patio furniture
  • Not suitable for use on hard dense wooden decks
  • Features
  • Superior UV-Protection & water repellence
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Easy Refurbishing - when the inevitable time comes for renovation Woodoc 50 makes it easy. The sealer exposed to weathering biodegrades and "disappears" from the wood. When this happens, all that is needed is a thorough clean down with Woodoc SteelWool and mineral turpentine before re-applying Woodoc 50. No more scraping and heavy sanding to remove hard, chipped and flaking surfaces
  • Non-toxic when dry


  • We believe in Clients being Comfortable & Confident with their Purchase:

    • Through Laxmi Trading's online shopping method, we enable you to reserve products for 3-Working-Days (T&C: Items Subject to Availability)
    • Once you are satisfied with your purchase by visiting the Showroom in Mont Fleuri or Providence within 3-days of Order Confirmation, you can proceed to the Payment Counter 
    • Present your NIN Card and Order Confirmation
    • Once Invoice confirmed you may proceed ahead with your Payment
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