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KENT Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner – 20L

Presenting the very versatile KENT’s Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner that helps you easily clean both wet spills and dry dust from different surfaces of your house. With a powerful motor of 1200W and a great capacity of 20L, this machine does all the cleaning efficiently and eliminates the struggle to frequently empty the container after every few cleanings. Its blower function is what that separates the dust from the corners of your house, sofas, and even the fine gaps on the table.




  • Wet and Dry Function

    An outstanding product for a clean and spotless surrounding, KENT Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner cleans everything from wet spills to any dry dust, saw, or dirt. Easy to use, whether it is residential or commercial cleaning tasks- this machine will never disappoint you.

  • Powerful 1200W

    Efficiency comes with power, which is why this vacuum cleaner has a high-power 1200W motor. The strong suction force ensures it easily and effectively cleans both wet and dry surfaces.

  • 20 L Stainless Steel Body

    With such a great capacity of 20L, the vacuum cleaner can clean your entire house or maximum cabins of the office without having to empty the container frequently. Hassle-free cleaning with this go-to option. Also, its stainless steel body makes the machine a durable choice for everyday use.

  • Blower Function

    Convenience comes with this versatile vacuum cleaner. The blower function helps clean those stubborn and deeply embedded particles/ dust on the car mats or surfaces.

  • Rubberized Wheels

    The vacuum cleaner is designed with rubberized wheels for easy movement when the container is full. Also, it ensures low noise operation, so you can easily clean the house without disturbing anyone.



    Product Guide & Documents


    User Manual (PDF)


    SKU: 80330
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