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KENT Super Egg Boiler

Start your day with a wholesome and delicious breakfast with Kent Super Egg Boiler. An easy and hygienic way to boil 6 eggs at a time, you simply need to add water, eggs, and connect the appliance. Designed with stainless steel flat heating plate and body, the egg boiler promises a safer and faster operation. Also, it comes with automatic power turn-off and over-temperature protection that automatically shuts down your machine once the eggs are done.





  • 6 Eggs At a Time

    This versatile and compact super egg boiler calls for one-touch operation. You just need to add water, eggs and switch it on. It can prepare 6 eggs on your choice in a matter of minutes.

  • 3 Boiling Modes

    KENT’s Super Egg Boiler is a great way to satisfy the needs of every member in the house. You can boil the eggs at 3 different boiling modes i.e. Soft, Medium or Hard.

  • Stainless Steel Body and Heating Plate

    Quality stainless steel body and a flat heating plate are added to its design for optimum durability and a great performance. Also, it won’t rust or ruin the taste of your eggs while boiling.

  • Automatic Turn-Off

    Its automatic power turn-off and over-temperature protection are two safety functions that ensure total safety of the user. The appliance cuts the power supply once the eggs are boiled.

  • Accessories Available

    KENT Super Egg Boiler comes with a needle pin, so you can pierce them easily before boiling. The measuring cup available lets you measure the correct amount of water to be used according to your preference and number of eggs you want.



Product Guide & Documents


User Manual (PDF)


SKU: 80324
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