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KENT Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Still using gas stove for making rice? Time to be smart with KENT Delight Electric Rice Cooker because this versatile kitchen appliance not just help you cook perfect rice every time but other various steamed food. This 1.8L appliance is an ideal purchase for small families and bachelors & has every feature that makes cooking really easy. Designed with Induction Heating Technology, the rice cooker lets you adjust temperature precisely, so every grain gets (no matter what recipe) evenly cooked. Its automatic ‘Keep Warm’ function keeps cooked food warm. In addition to all the advanced features and how it makes cooking easier, the grip handle ensures you can easily carry and serve.




  • Single-Button Operation

    Its single-button operation is what that makes this Delight Electric Rice Cooker so delightful. Just use the provided accessories like rice spoon and measuring cup to measure & add the correct amount of ingredients. Choose the desired settings and its done. A healthy meal prepared conveniently without many efforts.

  • Even-Heat Distribution

    Designed with high quality thick non-stick coated, aluminium inner pot, the appliance ensures even heat distribution for perfectly tasted food every time. Also, the high temperature operation brings out all the flavours of food.

  • Induction Heating Technology

    The electric rice cooker’s advanced induction heating technology allows you to precisely adjust the temperature according to the recipes. Also, this kind of better response to temperature change make sure you can cook perfectly in less time.

  • Keep Warm Feature

    For times you don’t want to eat immediately after cooking or want to complete some important household work first, its ‘Keep Warm’ feature comes handy. Let your food stay on keep warm mode and it will maintain the correct serving temperature.

  • Easy to Store, Carry & Clean

    The 1.8L KENT Delight Electric Rice Cooker is compact enough to store on your kitchen counter. It has an easy grip handle so you can carry it around anywhere in the house and serve piping hot food. Also, cleaning is really easy with the product.




Product Guide & Documents


User Manual (PDF)


SKU: 80335
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