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KENT Gem Induction Cooktop

Cook your favorite meals quicker, faster, and easier even with the fan ON. KENT Gem Induction Cooktop promises responsive cooking, has 5 preset options, adjustable temperature function, overheat protection and is energy efficient. No matter what you want to prepare, it gives you the liberty to cook it anytime and anywhere. The induction uses 1500watt, has push buttons for simple operations, and just needs to be plugged in your house’s standard electricity socket. Also, it is very convenient to move around.






  • Faster Cooking with 5 Preset Options

    Fry, Steam, Water, Milk, and Rice are the options present on the preset menu that lets you prepare meals faster and perfectly every time. Just a simple touch of button and cook like a pro.

  • Energy Efficient

    The surface of Kent’s Gem Induction Cooktop covers and focuses your cookware’s diameter only and provides heat where it is required, which means no heat is lost. It uses 1500W that makes it a great thing for your utility bills.

  • Adjustable Temperature Function

    An outstanding feature to meet all your cooking needs. With the adjustable temperature function, you can make sure that the correct amount of heat is provided to your pan/ cooker.

  • Overheat Protection

    Gem Induction Cooktop is available with an auto-off feature that automatically turns off in case of overheating, thus, ensures safety for all.

  • Safe Cooking and Easy Cleaning

    This slim and lightweight induction cooktop features a microcrystalline glass top for safe cooking and also makes cleaning a breeze. Get a damp cloth and wipe. It is that easy.



Product Guide & Documents


User Manual (PDF)


SKU: 80334
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