AISI-304 Grade

Anupam® sinks are made from premium-grade AISI-304 steel, a heavy-duty material, for the high level of durability and reliability.


1.0mm Thickness

Anupam® uses 1mm thick steel for most of its series. This makes the sinks less vulnerable to denting and bending even after years of receiving knocks from utensils.


Undercoat with Sound Suppression Pad

Anupam® use special grade sound-suppression pads and undercoating. The main advantage of this special feature are it absorbs sound, protects against condensation build-up inside kitchen cabinets and helps to maintain sink water temperature.



The next generation drain, the Intellidrain™ is the perfect solution to have a clog free drain. The dual anti-clog technology is used to remove waste in smarter way. The first bin helps to stop the large particles from moving down in the drain and clogging it, the second works for finer waste. Easy to clean this drain is hygienic way of food disposal, and can be emptied out in a bin without any


Made in India

India is a born leader, and like many of the countries leader have believed, India is destined to play an extremely important role in leading the world in the right direction. Anupam® products are proudly made in India and according to the Consumer requirement.

Double Bowl Sink | PS735DX

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